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1/23/23 Samantha Hilscher + Ending Gun Violence

Samantha Hilscher, Senior Manager, Music Creative at Netflix, began her career at the artist management company Dare Mighty Entertainment. After spending time on the management side, Samantha realized her creative passion lay in music for film/television and began working at Lionsgate on their TV Music team.

During her time at Lionsgate, Samantha oversaw music on shows such as Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, P-Valley, Love Life, and Dear White People. She joined the Netflix Music Creative Production team in December 2020, and is has worked on several of their Drama series including Ginny & Georgia and Virgin River, along with new projects such as From Scratch and First Kill.


On first glance it may seem like ending gun violence and supporting human rights are two separate issues, but there's a reason why nobel prize-winning Amnesty International, a global organization, is championing an end to gun violence in the United States: the right to live in a country free of gun violence is a human right.

Amnesty International has laid out the issue clearly and cogently in a series of short videos that you can check out here:

"The crisis of gun violence in the United States is getting worse. Too many kids and teens are losing their lives, and communities of color are bearing the brunt of gun violence. We all have the right to live free from gun violence.

In cities big and small across the country, community heroes are working to save lives and solve this national emergency.

Violence prevention and intervention programs are a secret superpower in the battle against gun violence. They combine street outreach, powerful community call-ins, and hospital intervention providing survivors and families with counseling, support, and mediation.

Study after study has proven the lifesaving value of these community-based programs: in some cities where leaders have had long-term backing for their work, gun homicides dropped by almost half. But now with gun violence surging nationwide, prevention programs are losing funds, and too many violence interrupters are doing their lifesaving work without a living wage.

The Break the Cycle Act would provide $5 billion dollars over 8 years to fund the lifesaving work of violence interrupters like Lamar Johnson, a violence prevention coordinator with BRAVE in Chicago who teaches teens what they can say and do to promote peace. Lamar literally saves lives. Break the Cycle would help Lamar and thousands of violence interrupters like him across the country save more lives from gun violence and prevent the pain and lasting trauma suffered by parents, siblings and neighbors."


To submit a song:


Write a letter to your senator asking them to support the Break the Cycle of Violence Act


28 Letters to senators supporting legislation that would reduce gun violence

And $650 in donations to Amnesty International

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