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8/29/22 - Laura Webb + Get out the Vote for the Midterms

Laura Webb is an award-winning Music Supervisor specializing in film, TV, and live shows. She has a knack for discovering the next big song. Laura enjoys collaborating with musicians to create original songs for her projects. Check out what she's worked on in the past here:


The US midterm elections are coming up in November and it's (again) one of the most important elections of our lifetime!

Given the recent supreme court decision overturning Roe vs Wade, climate change, poverty, racism, and the wealth gap to name just a handful of issues, we think it's pretty important to make sure that there are people in office who are willing to fight injustice and are committed to changing people's lives for the better.

So, for the next few months, we'll be focussing on voter registration and getting out the vote.


The election is on Tuesday November 8th, 2022.

Once you know you're registered to vote, to submit a song:

Donate to Rock the Vote, an organization that helps get out the vote, and send a screenshot of your donation...


Sign up to write letters with Vote Forward. These are letters that get sent to people in swing districts reminding them to register to vote and/or vote in the upcoming election. It's easy, fun and non-confrontational.

If you choose this option, please take a photo of the 5 letters you've written in their stamped envelopes and upload that. We realize that this is a bigger ask than writing an email to your Rep/Senator but it's always pretty rewarding to participate in. You could get your family involved or invite some friends over to write letters with you!

If you're not in the United States, please make a donation to a non-profit organization of your choice. We've covered a lot of issues over the past year or so - take your pick!


24 donations to Rock the Vote equalling $556

14 handwritten letters to voters through Vote Forward

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