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9/25/23 Olivia Schlichting + ECF (Entertainment Community Fund)

Olivia Schlichting is a music supervisor and coordinator for SuperMusicVision. Passionate about storytelling, she has a BA degree in Narrative Media and Culture from Antioch University and an AS degree in Screenwriting from MCTC in Minneapolis. She won first place for “Women in Cities & The Art of the Flâneuse” in Antioch’s 2019 Research Paper Award, stemming from her interests in travel and women artists and filmmakers, arguing for the importance of access to public space for the creative brain. She got her start in the film industry as a script reader, later becoming a talent agency coordinator. This administrative experience bolstered her with the skills to design and develop a fully functioning music supervision database for SuperMusicVision. Inspired by her musical upbringing, she was often promoting bands, working in venues, and DJing for events and radio. This dual life of one foot in cinema and the other in music led her down the path of music supervision. Her credits include series Better Call Saul, Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches, Poker Face, Your Honor, Space Force, Netflix's Cowboy Bebop, feature film Glorious, among others. As an active member in the sync community, Olivia also serves as the Organizing Committee Liaison for the Guild of Music Supervisors. She can often be found biking or dancing around LA, plus advocating for the unionization of music supervisors.


There are two strikes happening in the entertainment industry and the Entertainment Community Fund is set up to help those who are struggling financially because of the work stoppage. Olivia has requested that we raise money for them!


1. Make a (minimum $10) donation to the Entertainment Community Fund .


$439 raised for the Entertainment Community Fund

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