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10/25/21 - Mason Cooper + LGBTQ+ Equality

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Mason Cooper, an industry veteran with success in music supervision, music publishing, music production and more, is at the forefront of the modern paradigm of synergizing the music, film and television industries, serving in his multifaceted capacities as Music Supervisor, Music Editor, Songwriter/Music Producer, Soundtrack Producer and Film Production Consultant.

Cooper’s projects include the currently filming"Lamborghini"(Alec Baldwin; directed by Bobby Moresco), the true story film "The Royal" (about the life of baseball star/criminal justice advocate Willie Mays Aikens), Grandave's feature "7th & Union" (Omar Chaparro, Felipe Esparza), Ambi Entertainment’s crime thriller “Bent” (Andy Garcia, Sofia Vergara), the LA gang/peace ture story of "California Love," "Nine Eleven" (Charlie Sheen, Whoopie Goldberg), the recent Open Road theatrical hit about icon Steve Jobs – “Jobs” (Ashton Kutcher, Josh Gad), the animated feature "Bling" (Taylor Kitsch, Jon Heder, Jennette McCurdy), the graphic comic thriller "Bad Kids of Crestview High" (Gina Gershon, Sean Astin, Drake Bell), The Geffen Playhouse production “Thom Pain” (Rainn Wilson), Entertainment One's/DirecTV hit TV drama "Rogue" (Richard Schiff, Thandie Newton, Cole Hauser) and the polyromantic comedy "You Me Her" (Greg Poehler, Rachel Blanchard), AT&T’s Peter Farrelly created comedy series "Loudermilk" (Ron Livingston), Dennis Quaid’s thriller film “Beneath The Darkness,” the Raging Bull prequel/sequel “The Bronx Bull,” the animated film “Spark” (with Susan Sarandon, Hilary Swank, Patrick Stewart), the Documentaries “My Fighting Season,” “The Volunteers,” and "Locker Room Addiction," and the Audience Music series (for AT&T's Audience Network) that includes concert programming by Sheryl Crow, Korn, Taylor Swift, Machine Gun Kelly, Imagine Dragons, Foo Fighters and many more.

Cooper's client network as a Music Supervisor and Film Music Strategist includes companies such as DirecTV-AT&T/Audience Network, Sunset Pictures, Ambi Entertainment, Vitamin A Films, America Salutes You charities, eOne Entertainment, Mythic Films and The Geffen Playhouse. Additionally, he has become a specialist in writing/creating original songs and hit song covers, producing new recordings with actors and artists including: Dennis Quaid, Katie Holmes, Jason Alexander, Cheyenne Jackson, Joey Lawrence, Kay Panabaker, Victoria Justice, Amy Grant, Bret Michaels, Weezer's Brian Bell, Dylan McDonald, Kyle Massey/Chris Massey, Devon Werkheiser, Alex Aiono, others...

Full credits can be found at on IMDB, with past project highlights including director Christian Sesma’s “Shoot The Hero” (WB; Jason Mewes, Danny Trejo, Nick Turturro) and “I’m Not Like That No More” (Paul Rodriguez, Felipe Esparza), thirteen television specials for Viacom’s MTVNetworks, Ralph Hemecker’s Warner Bros. hit series “Witchblade,” Showtime’s award winning documentary “Annie: Life After Tomorrow,” MGM’s “Deal” (Burt Reynolds, Jennifer Tilly), SONY SPE’s “The Prince & The Pauper” (with Disney’s Cole & Dylan Sprouse), Primary Wave/DirecTV’s comedy series “Hit The Road” (Jason Alexander), MGM’s “All’s Faire In Love” (Christina Ricci, Cedric The Entertainer), the John Gotti inspired feature film “At The Sinatra Club” (Warner/Tricoast / Jason Gedrick, Michael Nouri), the Gil Cates Jr. directed dark comedy “Lucky” (Colin Hanks, Ari Graynor; Phase 4 Films), and Image Entertainment’s Sean Faris action packed “Freerunner.

Originally from the northeast, Cooper began formal musical training at age 4, earned a music scholarship at Arizona State University, majoring in Business Management and Theater, culminating in a B.B.A. (Music Industry emphasis) from Belmont University. His formal music industry career began in Nashville at Bobby Goldsboro’s House of Gold Music and Eddie Rabbit’s Briarpatch/DebDave Music companies, forging an artist-oriented independent publishing vision of the music business, and continuing that path as the Creative Director for Lenono Music, the publishing company of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Hitting Los Angeles in the mid 1980’s as Managing Director of Lippman Kahane Entertainment, he helped rep management music clients such as George Michael, Bernie Taupin and Megadeth, and solidified global co-ventures for the firm with EMI Music, Warner/Chappell Music and Polygram Records. Working with LKE’s roster brought Cooper into the film music world, moving on to head the Film/TV Music Department for Motown’s Jobete Music (catalogs of Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, etc.). During this time, Cooper wrote and produced songs for various films and network TV themes (CBS’s “Major Dad,” FOX”s “Glory Days,” NBC’s “Sister Kate”). The early 1990’s marked a return to Nashville, helping to kick start careers for artists such as Sony’s superstar duo Montgomery-Gentry. Relocating again to the west coast, Cooper served as strategic manager for clients expanding into the Film/Music arena, including,, rock superstar Slaughter, the Jim Croce catalogue, and Rick Wakeman of Yes.


The Equality Act is a landmark piece of legislation that would expand federal civil rights laws to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination in employment, housing, credit, jury service, and federally funded programs, such as those for health and education, as well as public places and spaces. Nondiscrimination protections are sorely needed: A nationally representative 2020 survey from the Center for American Progress revealed that 1 in 3 LGBTQ Americans, including 3 in 5 transgender Americans, experienced discrimination in just the past year. Evidence demonstrates that discrimination has adverse effects on physical and mental health as well as basic economic security.

Read more details on the Equality Act here.

The Equality Act enjoys broad support among the American public and a wide range of stakeholders, including the more than 300 member companies that comprise the Business Coalition for the Equality Act. According to a 2020 survey from the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute, more than 80 percent of Americans, including a majority of Americans in all 50 states, and majorities of Republicans, Democrats, and independents support LGBTQ nondiscrimination protections. The same survey found that solid majorities of people from all major religions support laws protecting LGBTQ people from discrimination; recently, more than 100 faith groups have endorsed the bill.


Write a letter to your senator asking them to support the Equality Act or make a donation to

the ACLU

Here’s a sample letter to your senator:

Dear Senator [name],

I’m a constituent from [zip]. Thank you for the work you do to represent our state.

Our country cannot continue to tolerate discrimination – in employment, housing, public places, education or anywhere – on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Now more than ever, we need to pass the Equality Act and its consistent and explicit non-discrimination protections. By explicitly including sexual orientation and gender identity in our nation’s civil rights laws, LGBTQ people will finally be afforded the exact same protections as other covered characteristics under federal law.

If you're not already a supporter of this important legislation please considering putting your name on it and voting to pass it.

Thank you for listening.

[your name]

If you don’t live in the United States, you have the option either of making a donation or of writing to your elected representative in your country on LGBTQ+ rights or an issue that concerns you. We care deeply about the issues we are highlighting but our overriding motivation is to support everyone in their participation in the democratic process. So no matter where you’re from please look into the facts and learn about the issue for yourself. If an action doesn’t sit right with you, write to your representative about any issue that you care about.


12 letters written to House Reps

9 donations made

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