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10/30/23 Sami Posner + Affordable Therapy For All (Scribble)

Sami Posner is the founder and music supervisor of Blue Lily Music (@bluelilymusic_), a new music supervision, consultation, and management company. Her work is grounded in elevating “content” into ART in the Film and TV music spaces and helping composers and artists really find their voice. Previously, Sami supervised and produced at creative control Entertainment, working on extensive projects spanning film, TV, games, podcasts and more. She has supervised projects for Netflix, Fifth Season, Hallmark, Lifetime, Paramount, Tyler Perry Studios, and Nickelodeon as well as consulted on major video game titles for Electronic Arts. In addition to her supervision work, Sami is an executive at The Guild of Music Supervisors where she oversees all committees as their Committee Director. She has been instrumental in creating the Guild’s Coordinator and Mentorship initiatives and looks forward to continuing to grow these programs within the Guild.


It’s been a week of traumatic news coming out of the Middle East. It’s very difficult to watch these events unfold through the news media, particularly for those with family and friends in the region; being exposed to and sitting with all of the stories and images can exacerbate mental health challenges for many people.

To that end, this month we’ll be raising money to help those in our artistic community who need extra support around mental health. Scribble is a new, non-profit organization based in Los Angeles that offers affordable counseling for all people using a sliding scale. Sami Posner is friends with Scribble’s founders and is grateful to support their important work for our artistic community and beyond.


Please make a minimum $10 donation to Scribble here:

RESULTS: $570 raised for Scribble

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