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5/31/23 Jennifer Pyken + Saving the Amazon

Jennifer Pyken has music supervised over 1,000 episodes of television and dozens of movies. Jennifer loves sharing her knowledge and has taught music supervision at UCLA extension. She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Supervision for This Is Us and won the Guild of Music Supervisors award for Best Drama for This Is Us. Her credits include Workaholics, Game Over, Man!, Smallville, One Tree Hill, Felicity, Alias, Lost, Las Vegas, The Neighbors, Boston Public, Summerland, Life Partners, The Package, The Healing Powers of Dude, Adam Devine's House Party, Betas, The Perfect Score, Lush, Stevie TV, The Last Seduction, Heavy, MTV's Undressed, Happy Gilmore.

She was the music supervisor on Hallmark's series 'The Way Home', released this year. It has been renewed for a second season, which beings shooting in August. Jennifer suggests watching the first season to get a sense of the music needs.

​​If becoming a music supervisor is something you’ve considered she offers a course that you can check out here:


Tropical rainforests are vital carbon sinks that regulate our global climate and irreplaceable ecosystems. Put simply, forest cools the earth. Carbon-capturing tropical biomes account for the highest area of forest globally. Keeping rainforest intact can provide 23% of climate mitigation urgently needed to cool our planet.

But forest around the world is being destroyed at an alarming rate despite intergovernmental promises to halt deforestation. Climate breakdown is intensifying forest loss as tropical, humid forests become drier, causing trees to die and fires to burn for longer – creating a devastating feedback loop.

Deforestation damages a rainforest’s ability to sequester (that’s capture and store) carbon and instead, releases it into the atmosphere. This affects all life on earth; our future depends on the health of rainforest.

Sequestration isn’t the only thing rainforest does for us. These precious biomes affect our weather, the air we breathe, biodiversity and our food and medicine, not to mention that rainforest is home to millions and millions of people bearing the brunt of deforestation. Protecting tropical rainforest is a cost-effective and potent way to fight the climate crisis. All we have to do is protect it.


Donate a minimum of $10 to Cool Earth

Or, write to your house rep to encourage them to support President Biden’s plan to protect the Amazon.

Example letter to cut and paste (please personalize your own reason for supporting the bill):

Hi Rep [Name],

Thanks for all the work you do on behalf of our state. I'm a constituent writing in support of President Biden's plan to protect the Amazon. Climate change is a top security and health risk to our country and protecting the Amazing is key to mitigating global warming. When the President brings it to congress I ask that you please support his initiative.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

If you don’t live in the United States, you have the option either of making a donation to Cool Earth or of writing to your elected representative in your country on climate change or an issue that concerns you. We care deeply about the issues we are highlighting but our overriding motivation is to support everyone in their participation in the democratic process.


Donations to Cool Earth totaling: $256

Letters to House Reps: 10

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