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7/24/23 Naaman Snell + Save the Children

Naaman Snell has worked within the music supervision community across many different media types for more than a decade. Beginning his career working in television and film for Mad Doll Productions under Liza Richardson (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood), he went on to work with other industry leaders at companies such as Lionsgate, HUM Advertising, and Aspect.

In 2017, Naaman founded Space Cowboy Music in the pursuit of working across all the different media that he has covered in his career. A member of the Guild of Music Supervisors, Naaman created Space Cowboy Music to be a place where clients can seek unique musical insight and the high quality collaboration that he has built his career on.

Recent work includes The Mandalorian (Season 3 Trailer), John Wick 4 (Official Teaser), The Last of Us (Official Teaser), Fast X (TV Campaign), Over/Under (Independent Film), Wilder Than Her (Independent Film), Elio (Teaser), and he recently won a Guild of Music Supervisors Award for Best Music Supervision in a Video Game Trailer for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen - Launch Trailer.


There are more children living in conflict and war zones now than at any time in the past 20 years, as well as more child refugees. Natural disasters are not only more frequent, but more severe. As always, children in crisis are among the most vulnerable.

In particular, the more than 12 million refugee boys and girls now face a triple jeopardy. Not only have they lost their homes and lost their education, they now face the additional impact of COVID-19 on their futures.

As the world leader in protecting children from the physical and emotional wounds of war, Save the Children been a lifeline for families fleeing violence in Syria, Venezuela, Myanmar and dozens of other crises around the world.

And as the largest aid organization in Yemen, they helped 1.7 million children, supported 88 health facilities and 23 hospitals just last year.

A child’s right to an education does not end in times of emergency. That’s why they’re focused on return to education, helping more children in crisis recover and return to learning than any other global humanitarian organization.

Save the Children works to keep children in the US and around the world healthy, educated and safe.


Donate a minimum of $10 to Save the Children

If you don’t live in the United States, you can still make a donation to Save the Children - it's an international organization.


Raised $415 for Save the Children

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